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Tests of ARBZ LLP products is carried out in the Central Plant Laboratory (CPL).

CPL is certified by Accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan over compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".

CPL is included into the Unified Register of Testing Laboratories of the Customs Union technical regulations.

CPL is entitled to apply the Laboratory Combined Sign ILAC MRA, which provides recognition of test results in 75 European countries of the Association.

Central Plant Laboratory consists of:

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory;
  • Physical Testing Laboratory;
  • Metallurgy Laboratory;
  • Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory.

ARBZ LLP Central Plant Laboratory is included into Unified Register of Testing Laboratories of the Customs Union.

Types of services rendered by CPL:

1) Steel chemical composition analysis:

  • mass fraction of chemical elements;
  • mass fraction of gases in steel;

2) Macrostructure analysis:

  • control of rails for absence of flakes;
  • control of internal defects and macrostructure defects;

3) Microstructure analysis:

  • steel microstructure;
  • nonmetallic impurity rating;
  • case depth;
  • determination of grain by etching method;

4) Physical testing:

  • tensile test;
  • steel impact strength;
  • hardness;
  • drop-weight test;
  • residual stress in rail web;
  • operational reliability of rails;

5) Ultrasonic testing;

6) Ultrasonic testing (EMA);

7) Eddy-current testing;

8) Testing of dimensions and shape of cross section;

9) Straightness control;

10) Residual magnetism testing.

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