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Aktobe Rails and Section Works LLP is a unique enterprise producing differentially heat-strengthened railway rails of high quality and middle shaped rolled sections in Kazakhstan.

Rolling mill of the globally renowned company Primetals Technologies Italy S.r.l. (Siemens-VAI) and rolling process control performed by specialists of the Italian company ensure high quality, competitive marketability of the products, which complies with the international standards.

Mill is unique as it produces high quality heat-strengthened railway rails up to 120 meters in length which can be used for high-speed traffic and high load density lines. The increased length reduces the number of weld joints that enhances safety and has positive effect on the growth of admissible velocities of the rolling stock.

This is a new type of rails with much higher strength.

Utilization of longer rails and continuously welded rails reduces the resistance to railway traffic, reduces the wear of the rolling stock and costs for the railway tracks maintenance. When transferring to continuous welded rail track the resistance to railway traffic is reduced by 5-7% saving approximately four tons of metal per kilometer  due to absence of track joint fastening

Unique technology of steel hardening is applied resulting in high operational durability. The products meet International standards.

Key parameters of production:

Utilization of universal stands provides the following:

  • symmetry of rail production relative to horizontal axis which results in minimum profile running surface deviation from nominal size;
  • simultaneous uniform deformation of  the entire rail profile with four rolls;
  • reduction of rail head running surface under direct pressure;

Width of head and rail foot is restrained by vertical rolls.

Which provides:

  • small grain structure with high mechanical properties;
  • high quality surface;
  • high accuracy of profile and rail straightness;
  • minimum residual stresses.

Rolling technology complies with any fine tolerances in rail production accuracy according to the requirements of up-to-date standards and National Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Plant development strategy focuses on QUALITY and wide application of our products.