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Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP is an environmentally safe investment into the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Zero waste water discharge technology, being unique for Kazakhstan, will be used at our plant. Blow down water coming from recycling water supply system undergoes secondary treatment and returns to the production cycle. Saline water from Water Treatment Plant is disposed in vacuum and evaporation plants until dry residual generated. Condensate (water) goes back to production and salts released can be used to protect roads against icing. Introduction of innovative zero waste water discharge technology will allow not only to reduce environmental pollution but also considerably minimize process water consumption for production needs by 330 048 m3 per year.

It will save consumption of water resources for development of industry in Aktobe region.

Standard ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management System” was successfully implemented at Enterprise in 2016.  The main objective is keeping of environmental protection measures, decreasing risks of its pollution, preservation of balance with social and economic requirements.

The integral part of Environmental Management System functioning at Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP is identification of ecology aspects arising at Enterprise during activity. Involvement of ecology aspects in a sequential order and on a regular basis into internal processes of company represents a basis for effective forming of Environmental Management System (EMS). This system is not only an indication of conscious attitude to environment but also indicates that Enterprise is targeted at optimization of expenses, increasing its social responsibility, receiving of advantages before competitors.

Company developed program for industrial ecological control whereunder quarterly monitoring of environment is performed. As per results of monitoring excess of maximum permissible concentration of pollution agents was not observed. All planned actions for improvement of ecology situation are also performed by Enterprise in accordance with approved plan. Permanent measures for landscaping and site finishing are performed.