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Enterprise competitive struggle in the market economy conditions is a struggle of active quality systems directed to output of quality products, which completely complies with requirements of regulatory documentation and satisfies current and future consumer needs. 

In connection with this, Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP developed, documented and implemented Quality Management System in 2014 and maintains it in working condition in compliance with national standards of ST RK ISO 9001 “Quality Management System. Requirements” that is confirmed by issued by Certification Body “Capital Center of Quality and Metrology” LLP in Astana city and in compliance with international standard ISO 9001 “Quality Management System. Requirements” that is also confirmed by Certificate of Conformance issued by Certification Body “Tuv Sud Rus” in Moscow city for production of rails and sections.

Implementation of national and international standards ST RK ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System. Requirements with guidance for use”, ST RK OHSAS 18001 “Occupational Safety and Health management system. Requirements”, ISO 14001 “Environmental Management system. Requirements with guidance for use”, OHSAS 18001 “Occupational Safety and health management system. Requirement” has been started in January 2015. Certification audit was passed successfully in January 2016.

In order to develop and implement integrated management system (hereinafter - IMS) Quality Board has been created and approved by order of General Director and Management Representative for Quality and Management Representative for Safety, Environment were appointed,  working group consisting of Management of Business Divisions was formed for the area of business.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policies and Objects have been defined by Top Management, all necessary documented procedures, processes, methods, instructions, job descriptions and provisions about subdivisions, safety instructions have been developed.

Main task of Enterprise activity is considered to be:  

  • Advanced product production that meets the requirement of regulatory documentation, which provides functional properties and their reliability.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Pursuance of quality level, which allows being lead in the market of Kazakhstan and competitive in the market of CIS and far abroad. 
  • Definition of Enterprise strategies by the Management, creation and support of environment where each employee is involved in achievement of Objectives and Policy in the field of quality, ecology, labor and safety.

Planning of Integrated Management System development is done in order to achieve stated objectives in the field of quality, ecology, labor and safety of Enterprise

Enterprise activity is performed in managed conditions. Enterprise Management System works as a set of interrelated parallel proceed processes.

Internal auditors are appointed by Enterprise order and Audits are planned and performed according to schedule for the purpose of confirmation of:

  • Production that complies with regulatory requirements and customer requirements;
  • Compliance of IMS processes with specified requirements and application;
  • Receiving of data in order to improve IMS;
  • Checking of execution and assessment of corrective and preventive actions effectiveness according to results of previous checks;
  • Definition of effectiveness of implemented IMS in the context of Enterprise objectives achievement.

Management review is performed in order to develop and improve IMS, the result of which is:

a) development of actions in order to achieve objectives in the field of quality, ecology, health and safety of Enterprise;

b) planning of continuous professional development of personnel;

c) planning of actions in order to improve products quality;

d) development of actions in order to improve processes.

Implementation and continuous improvement of management system allowed to increase efficiency of industrial processes and product of Enterprise to be competitive.