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History of company

Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP is a unique enterprise for production of differentially thermo-strengthened high quality rails and medium shaped rolled sections in Kazakhstan. The world-famous Siemens-VAI (Primetals Technologies Italy S.r.l.) rolling mill and control of rolling process by Italian company specialists guarantee high quality and competitiveness of output product that meet requirements of international standards. A unique steel hardening technology has been applied in production, which results in increased wear resistance.

Annual designed capacity of ARBZ LLP is 430 thousand tons of finished products including 200 thousand tons of rails and 230 thousand tons of sections which is enough to furnish internal demand and to make export supply. The Aktobe rail and section works is the third plant in the world (Austria, China) and the only plant among countries of Eurasian Economic Union producing rails of new generation with increased strength and having the length of up to 120 meters.

ARBZ LLP can easily be called one of the largest innovative enterprises, built in the framework of the Industrialization Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan, elaborated in accordance with concept of industrial-innovative development for 2015-2019 (the second five-year period), which is of strategic importance for our republic.

In year 2015 Gas Reciprocating Power Station of 38.9 MW for supply of the plant in full with own electrical power and also Central Plant laboratory (CPL) for assessment of rail and sections quality were put into operation, CPL was accredited in the Accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with requirements of
GOST/IEC 17025-2019 (GOST/IEC 17025:2017) General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The CPL is included into the Unified register of testing laboratories of the Customs Union for technical regulations and was entitled to use a laboratory combined ILAC MRA mark, which ensures international recognition of test results. Today, ARBZ occupies 78.858 hectares, where industrial and auxiliary buildings with a total area of 81,580.40 sq.m. are located.

The rails produced in Aktobe are widely used during implementation of Nurly Zhol state program. Also, as we already know, domestic rails were applied during construction of Almaty-Shu railway, Kuryk seaport and Nurly Zhol railway station in Astana city.

Many experts have already confirmed that products manufactured in ARBZ LLP are currently one of the best in the world, but the company does not stop at what has been achieved and is aimed at further improving of products quality, expanding a product mix and intend to start mastering of new product types by the end of the year.

The strategic aim of the company is to produce high-quality, competitive products to meet demands and requirements of consumers, increase profits and efficiency of the company, taking into account the interests of shareholders and other parties concerned, compliance with the requirements of current legislation, international agreements, regulatory requirements governing the activities of metallurgical enterprises in the field of quality of produced products, environment, occupational safety and health..