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On April 21, 2019, the eighth Almaty Marathon took place in the southern capital, which aroused great interest not only among Kazakhstan citizens, but also runners from the other countries. This year, 17 thousand athletes and supporters of an active lifestyle from 53 countries of the world have reached the start of the Almaty Marathon tournament - a record for the entire duration of this charity race. The popularity of the Almaty Marathon is growing every year. Moreover, only tens of participants compete for prizes and medals. The rest are well aware that they will not climb the podium, and they come to the competitions only to contribute to the noble cause of helping special children. From Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP, our athlete and colleague - calibrator of the Roll Pass Designing Department Bolatbek Ryskaliyev took an active part. So at a distance of 42 km 195 meters - Bolatbek achieved: - 90 place in the overall standings; - 86 place among men; - 39 place in the age category; - 38 in the age category among men. Considering the fact that 17 thousand people participated in the marathon - the results of our colleague B.Ryskaliev are impressive. Athletes with disabilities, who overcame 10 km in wheelchairs along with simple runners of all ages, young and old, participated in the Almaty Marathon. They are pupils of the Meirimz rehabilitation center, members of the ARDI community and representatives of the National Paralympic Committee. “Almaty Marathon” is a vivid example of the fact that for kindness and mercy there are no borders. The organizers of the Almaty Marathon direct the collected funds to charity.
Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP participated in the international metallurgical summit of SCO and BRICS states “Metals and alloys”. On April 5, 2019, the International Metallurgical Summit of the SCO and BRICS states “Metals and Alloys” was held in Chelyabinsk. The event brought together leaders of the domestic and foreign metallurgy to exchange experiences and discuss current industry trends. Summit participants shared their successful practices in improving production efficiency, and also formed an idea of current and innovative solutions offered by service companies and equipment manufacturers. At this Summit, Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was presented with its own exhibition stand, which enjoyed increased interest among the participants.
More than 3 thousand companies and enterprises from 61 countries took part in “Innotrans 2018” – the 12th World's Largest International Exhibition of Transport Technologies. During the exhibition from 18 to 21 of September 2018, more than 400 innovations of the global railway industry were presented. Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP attended the exhibition and presented its products, including differentially heat-strengthened rails with length of up to 120 meters, which can be used on high-speed lines and lines with high traffic density. Many companies from different countries showed high interest the products of ARBZ LLP, first of all Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and also large companies from France.   
The regional stage of the annual republican contest -  exhibition "The Best Commodity of Kazakhstan" was held on the initiative of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" in cooperation with akimat of Aktobe region on July 11, 2018 in the city of Aktobe, in the building named Oner Ortalygy with the participation of more than 40 commodity producers of Aktobe, one of the which is Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP. The range of products presented at the contest is very diverse. These are food products, household chemicals, garments, building materials, advertising and souvenir products. A panel of 12 judges headed by the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region, Nurlybek Mukanov, identified nine of the best producers in the three main categories: "The Best Goods for Industrial Purposes", "The Best Goods for the Population"; "The Best Food Products." One of the three nominations named "The Best Goods for Industrial Purposes" was granted to Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP  in the awarding ceremony. As the guest of honor of the event - akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev noted - the main task of the competition is to promote the saturation of the Kazakhstan market with high-quality products and increase the volume of products. During the last 6 months, entrepreneurs of Aktobe produced the products for 870 billion tenge. This is 5% more than in the same period of the last year. In different years, various enterprises of the Aktobe region became winners and prize-winners of the contest-exhibition "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" and the President's Prize "Altyn Sapa". If to remind that in 2014, the laureate of the special prize "Altyn Sapa" of the President in the nomination "The Best Industrial Project of the Year" was Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP. In addition, the winners of the regional tour will present the Aktobe region at the republican level. It is worth noting that the winners of the competition are entitled to use the emblem of the competition for advertising purposes for four years, that is, to promote their products on the market.
"Increase of local content shall be the most priority goal for the Government" N.A.Nazarbayev President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On February 11, 2015 in order to support the national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan the President N.Nazarbayev proposed to start the nation-wide action "Made in Kazakhstan" for supporting the domestic production, which goal is to increase the confidence of Kazakhstan citizens in domestic goods, work and services, increase the number of manufactured goods and their popularization among the population. The Union of Legal Entities Association of Producers and Entrepreneurs "Made in Kazakhstan" was created for realization of these goals. In order to increase the recognition of domestic brands, the logo "Made in Kazakhstan" was created with intention to identify goods produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The members of the Union are exclusively domestic manufacturers of goods, works and services that will use the collective trademark in accordance with the requirements for the general characteristics of the manufactured products set by the Charter of the collective trademark "Made in Kazakhstan". On March 15, 2018 Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was admitted to the Union of Legal Entities Association of Producers and Entrepreneurs "Made in Kazakhstan", which gives the right to use the collective trademark "Made in Kazakhstan" within the framework of the company’s activity.