The main thing about ARBZ company

Foundation of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP, which was to cover the state’s need for high-quality rails, was laid in 2013. Сonstruction project truly became nationwide. Specialists from almost all regions of the country, as well as from near and far abroad, were involved in construction of ARBZ LLP.

On June 06, 2016, Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP – unique enterprise for production of differentially thermo-hardened railway rails of high quality and rolled sections (H–beams, angles, channels, mine racks) – was put into operation.

“Today ARBZ is a one of a kind large industrial complex specializing in manufacture of products of strategic importance – high-quality differentially thermo-hardened and non- thermo-hardened railway rails and  wide range of rolled sections.

Claim to fame of ARBZ LLP is  long rails of category DT350. Namely, differentially thermo-hardened rails R65 of categories DT350

Strategic aim of the Enterprise is to produce high-quality, competitive products to meet demands and requirements of consumers in compliance with requirements governing the activities of metallurgical enterprises in the field of quality of produced products, environment, occupational safety and health.

In total, since March 2016, over 400 thousand tons of rail products have been used during the construction and repair of Kazakhstani railways. If you count in kilometers, you get about three thousand.

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Today, ARBZ’s rail products are successfully used in the construction of upper structures of railway tracks by railway administrations and industrial enterprises. Rails manufactured by ARBZ LLP are used in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Turkey.

In kilometers of roads, it is around 1000 km

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