Environmental protection is integral part of ARBZ’s activities and its approach to sustainability management. ARBZ recognizes its responsibility for impact on environment, health, safety and quality of life of the population and takes all necessary measures to ensure environmental safety, preserve natural environment at production activities site, sustainable use of natural resources and minimize environmental impact.

Environment Management System

Integral part of functioning environmental management system is identification of environmental aspects that arise at the enterprise in process of its activities. Involvement of environmental aspects consistently and systematically in the internal processes of organization is the basis for effective building of ecological system.

This system is not only indicator of conscious attitude to the environment, but also says that the Enterprise is aimed at optimizing costs, increasing its social responsibility, gaining advantages over competitors.

In this regard, ARBZ takes set of measures and conducts systematic work to minimize negative impact on the environment, continuously increasing the level of environmental safety and sustainable development of the Enterprise.

At entire stage of production activities, the Enterprise operates environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.

As part of the fulfillment of obligations in terms of improving approaches to managing environmental issues, ARBZ completed the implementation of environmental management system in 2016-2017, which includes integrated approach to managing environmental issues.

Environmental management system complies with requirements of ISO 14001:2015. ARBZ successfully passed the next recertification audit in 2021 and received certificate from TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

Environmental monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere

The main goal of environmental monitoring is to minimize the impact of production activities on the environment and workers working in ARBZ. Minimizing emissions of pollutants into atmosphere is important aspect of ARBZ environmental protection activities. Enterprise aims to reduce negative impact of its own production on air quality by constantly carrying out necessary maintenance to keep equipment in normal operation. One of the important things at ARBZ is the use of modern equipment from world leaders in the field of metallurgy, such as Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, which meets all the necessary requirements in terms of safe operation on the rolling production line.

Developed production process instructions in accordance with requirements of equipment operation manual ensure smooth operation, leading to automation of equipment management processes, which leads to minimal environmental impacts.

Waste management

Waste management is one of the most important environmental aspects for ARBZ.

For qualitative control of this process, the Enterprise develops waste management system, constantly improves accounting for formation and movement of waste, provides methods for managing raw production waste, which minimizes their formation by 99.9%.

Management of industrial waste from auxiliary works (maintenance, repair), temporary storage of production and consumption waste is carried out on the territory of the ARBZ in specially designated and equipped places for this purpose.

Management of industrial waste from auxiliary works (maintenance, repair), temporary storage of production and consumption waste is carried out on the territory of the ARBZ in specially designated and equipped places for this purpose.

Generated hazardous industrial waste is transferred to specialized enterprises for storage, processing and disposal. Passports have been developed for the entire list of hazardous wastes.

Passport contains basic information about the waste: name, list of hazardous properties, composition, toxicity and precautions for waste handling.

Water resources

Closed water circulation cycles are used to minimize water intake from natural sources at the ARBZ. Best available technologies are used, namely technology of zero waste industrial production.

Blowdown water from recycling water supply undergoes additional treatment and is returned to production. Process waters of water treatment plant facilities are utilized to the state of dry residue in vacuum evaporators.

Condensate (water) is returned to production. Introduction of innovative technology of zero waste production allows not only to reduce environmental pollution by industrial effluents, but also to significantly reduce water consumption for the needs of the Plant by more than 300 thousand m3 of conditionally clean water per year. This will save the consumption of water resources for the development of the region’s industry.

Greenhouse gases

ARBZ shares the goal of sustainable development to take urgent action to combat climate change and its consequences. In the course of the Enterprise’s activities, greenhouse gases are generated in connection with consumption of fuel (natural gas) for the needs of boiler plants, heating furnace and its own electric power station (gas generator unit). On a regular basis, activities are carried out to monitor greenhouse gas emissions, quantitative assessment of volume of direct emissions from facilities is carried out. Monitoring and recording of greenhouse gas emissions is carried out by environmental group.

To increase awareness of the population in the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, ARBZ employees annually support international initiatives such as Earth Hour, as well as organize their own events to draw attention to the problem, are engaged in tree planting and landscaping.