Trade union organization of employees of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was organized on basis of decision of general foundation meeting of employees of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP in 2017.

This is how the history of trade union organization of ARBZ LLP began. This year we turned 5 years old and a lot has been done in this short period: events, sports days, charity events, children’s summer holidays, etc. Ahead we plan to do lot of interesting things. All this is done for the employees of our unique Enterprise.

Nothing unites the team like sport events – under this slogan, trade union organization of ARBZ LLP holds sports days 2 times a year. Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Metallurgists’ Day – on the eve of these holidays, sport competitions are held to determine the best volleyball players, football players and not only.

This year the Sports day was held in 6 sports: football, volleyball, swimming, chess, lifting weights, arm wrestling. The last two sports were held in the open air at recreation center “Zhety Kazyna”, where our team celebrated its professional holiday. The fastest and the strongest were awarded monetary rewards.

In 2020 and 2021, the Sport events were not held due to Covid restrictions, and it is clear that our sports fans missed the thirst to get win, glory of being considered the best team. We thank all our athletes for participating!

ARBZ LLP highly appreciates and in every possible way contributes to protection of economic, social, labor, cultural rights and freedoms of its employees. For this purpose, Trade union organization was created in ARBZ LLP, and collective employment agreement of Enterprise was signed separately. According to the terms of collective employment agreement, each employee is entitled to financial assistance for special family events, such as marriage, birth of child, death of loved one, anniversaries, holidays and other events.

Also, when going on annual leave, each employee receives 30 MCI as bonus for health resort treatment and rest. Trade union organization of ARBZ LLP also has important role in carrying out the cultural, educational, sports and health activities of team. Every year, trade union organization of ARBZ LLP approves annual action plan. As part of the annual plan, employees have opportunity to visit pool, play football, volleyball, table tennis and other sports.

Gym hall are rented at the expense of Trade union organization. Before the introduction of quarantine, sport events in various sports were organized and held annually.

Trade union organization of ARBZ LLP in every possible way supports active youth of the Plant. Young specialists of the Plant took part in republican marathons several times and showed excellent results

Since the plant is located outside the city, for those who do not have personal transport, transportation is provided on the plant’s buses in the morning and evening, including weekends. The plant also provides all personnel with one-time meal during lunch and night breaks.

To motivate specialists, prospective promotion and ensure personnel reserve, qualification exams are held monthly, after which examinees have right to increase their rate or transfer to another position. First of all, these are specialists of production departments.

It shall be noted that ARBZ LLP also cooperates with universities to ensure personnel reserve. Earlier, within framework of charity project of NGO “Taiburyl”, graduates of the Karaganda State Industrial University in technical specialties were attracted. Project was sponsored by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, which, within the framework of corporate social responsibility, allocated grant in the amount of 9 million tenge for monthly payment of scholarships to interns. As planned, after successful internship, some of students were accepted into  ARBZ LLP team

In 2019, ARBZ LLP became one of the winners of the annual republican competition on Corporate Social Responsibility “Paryz”, held by Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ARBZ LLP became laureate and owner of award in the nomination: “The Best Socially Responsible Enterprise”.