Rail products

Rails Р65 (up to 120 m)

(ST RK 2432-2023,  GOST R 51685-2022, GOST 34222-2017)

The brand identity of ARBZ is long rails of DT350 category. In particular differentially heat-strengthened rails of type R65 category DT350 corresponding to quality standards of ST RK 2432-2023 “Differentially heat-strengthened and non- heat-strengthened rails” and GOST R 51685-2022 “Railway rails. General specification”. They are specially effective on high-speed main lines as well as lines with high density traffic. By increasing the length of the rail, it is possible to minimize the number of joints and consequently not only reduce financial costs when laying the railway track, but also increase the wear resistance of both railway trains and the rails themselves. Moreover, as result passenger trains have advantages in smoothness of movement and freight trains advantages in speed.


DT370IK (ДТ370ИК)high wear resistance and contact endurance
DT350VS (ДТ350ВС)for high-speed traffic
DT350SS  (ДТ350СС)for high-speed combined traffic
DT350NN (ДТ350НН)low-temperature resistance
DT350 (ДТ350)for general purposes


N320VS (Н320ВС)for high-speed passenger traffic
N320 (Н320)high strength for general purpose
N300 (Н300)increased strength for general purpose
N260 (Н260)conventional strength for general purpose

Rails – 60Е1 and 60Е2
Steel grade – R 260, R 350 HT

In order to enter global markets and satisfy the demand for rails that meet the European standard, measures were taken to develop and produce a new type of rails 60E1 and 60E2. In 2019, a certificate was obtained in accordance with European standard EN 13674-1: 2017. This type of rails is used in the countries of the European Union, the Baltic states, as well as in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.