Hot-rolled steel channels

(GOST 8240-97, GOST 535-2005, GOST 19281-89)

Channel – a profile of structural elements having a section in shape resembling the letter “P” and “U”. This product is used for reinforcing reinforced concrete structures, for the production of crane products, electrical supports, bridges, oil rigs and other large-scale structures. A wide range of uses is due to the high level of strength and stability with a relatively small mass of the product.

Channel type: Steel hot-rolled with parallel faces of flanges “P” and with slope of internal faces of flanges “U”.

Size: from 160 up to 300 mm

Length: from 12 up to 24 meters

Scope of application:

  • erection of supporting structures, overhead cranes;
  • car, ship and machine building;
  • construction of ceilings (roofing and interfloor), frames.