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During the visit to the site, B.Sagintayeva was informed about the features of production and demonstrated samples of the finished products. It should be noted that the plant uses new "Siemens VIA Metals Technologies", which allows using the produced rails on high-speed lines and lines with increased freight intensity. The plant's products are used in the construction of the second railway lines Almaty-1-Shu, as well as on the access roads to the under construction projects of the ferry complex at Kuryk port and Astana railway station complex. In general, it is planned to supply more than 600 thousand tons of rails until 2022 to modernize the backbone railway network of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of a long-term contract for the purchase of rails between "NC" KTZ" JSCand "ARBZ" LLP. In addition to saturating the domestic market, Aktobe manufacturers send rail products for export to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Georgia, Turkmenistan, the Russian Federation, Estonia and Iran. According to the instruction, indicated by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev in his Message "The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness", further industrialization in the country will be continued with an emphasis on the development of competitive manufactures with high export potential, such as Aktobe rail and beam plant.
Over 70 thousand tons of rail products of Aktobe producers used in the construction of new Railways. About 500 kilometres of new rail production of Aktobe Rails and Section Works supplied and was laid on the highway railway network of the Republic. According to the Manager of the Directorate of highway railway network of JSC "NC "KTZ" Serik Aliyev, Aktobe rails are supplied for track repair work on all departments of the railway. Products of Aktobe producers from last year is actively used to lay the rail-sleeper grid links at the construction of new second railway line Almaty-1-Shu, as well as on access roads to the projects of the ferry complex of the Kuryk port and the railway station of Astana. For all three objects in 2016 was delivered about 14 thousand tons of rails. “Laying of long rails production of ARBZ, which are characterized by high operational and technical characteristics, increases the length of continuous sections of highway. This in turn provides high-speed movement of trains, reducing maintenance costs of rolling stock and also reduces travel time for passengers”- said S. Aliyev. For the modernization of main railway network under a long-term agreement on the purchase of rail, concluded between JSC "NC "KTZ" and LLP "Aktobe Rails and Section Works ", it is planned to supply more than 600 thousand tons of rails until 2022. In the current year under the contract will be delivered over 60 tons of rail to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation, Estonia and Iran.   Press-office of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”
KOSTANAI. KAZINFORM – Laying of first domestic rails started in Track Facilities Administration and Structures Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association in Rudnyi. This is informed by correspondent of Kazinform International News Agency.   Replacement of imported trunk rails for industrial rails of domestic manufacture is performed by Eurasian group. It is new pilot project when the domestic rails are tested in maximum complex geological conditions under extreme loads. Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association LLC which is a part of Eurasian group served as a test field.  As it was explained in press office of Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association, total length of permanent tracks of the Enterprise exceeds 507 kilometers. All railway bed is divided into four areas on Rudnenskoe site, including consolidated area of Kacharskaya site and area on Kurzhunulskaya site. Replacement of foreign trunk rails for domestic rails produced by Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was carried out by employees of Track Facilities Administration and Structures on each of these areas. “First portion of Kazakh rails was laid on area of Sokolovskyi mine at the beginning of December last year” – says Mr. Sergey Gorbunov Head of Technical Department of Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association.  –  Afterwards, the other areas were included.” Total length of replaced railway bed on industrial site of Association is 2 thousand 462 meters. In weight comparison, about 320 tons of domestic rails were put into commission. Technical parameters of domestic rails are as good as imported ones but they have one important advantage – they are much cheaper. Kazakh rails are successfully applied on domestic market especially on trunk lines of NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC. “Our rails were successfully passed through Test Loop of Railway Research Institute Joint Stock Company and obtained all required certificates”, – says Mr. Andrey Sherin Commercial Director of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP. - :”The key feature of our production is application of good quality steel and smoothly running control system to comply with approved Standards. For us it is a great commitment to supply rails to largest Mining Enterprise - Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association.” Test period will last for several months after which a conclusion will be made about the quality of domestic products.  According to Mr. Bereke Mukhanbetkaliyev President of Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Concentration Production Association, “These tests are very important in tough time of decline in production as they are focused on increase of interests of domestic goods.” 
Staring from January 2016 Aktobe Rail and Section Works (Kazakhstan) produced about 55 thousand tons of rails. Till the end of the year supplies shall exceed 73 thousand tons including 5 thousand tons approximately for Uzbek Railways company. In particular, rails produced in Aktobe are actively utilized for construction of train ferry of Kuryk port and new railway station of Astana. According to information of Kazakhstan Railways company’s press service the Head of the National Company Kanat Alpysbayev draws attention also to such particular importance as timely deliveries of plant products for construction of the second tracks at the section Almaty 1 – Shu. It should be recalled that Aktobe Rail and Section Works was awarded with Certificate of Conformance in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Railway Transport Infrastructure” and now it can export its products to the countries of EAEU. Author: Stepan Ratnikov Retrieved from
Since the beginning of the year output of industrial products comprised almost 960 billion tenge First Deputy Prime Minister of the RoK Askar Mamin visited Aktobe where he got acquainted with the activity of large enterprises of the region, as reported by correspondent of – Center of business information. Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was visited by official delegation composed of Heads of Ministries, National Holdings and companies. This is one of the largest projects under Industrialization Map. Innovative technologies are utilized at the plant which allow to produce rails for high-speed traffic lines and lines with high traffic load. For the first time in the CIS, production of 120 meters long rails will be mastered at Aktobe plant. Since the beginning of 2016, ARBZ company produced 32,7 thousand tons of rails to the amount of 6,1 billion tenge.       Samples of produced items were demonstrated to Askar Mamin and he got acquainted with the production process starting from Re-Heating Furnace till output of finished products. During plant tour the guest was informed about progress of industrial and innovative development program within the region. 83 projects (including 2 projects under Republican Industrialization Map) have been implemented under the Industrialization Map during 2010-2015 and first half of 2016 which amounts to 523 billion tenge and about 7,6 thousand permanent jobs have been created. In addition to the above, Askar Mamin inspected Kaspi Plus production and industrial complex. The enterprise is specialized in production of modern fastening parts of various types of complexity for mining and mineral resources industries. The plant has been put into operation in the second half of 2015. Since the beginning of the current year it produced almost 20 thousand items of fastening parts.   In general, for 10 months of the current year the output of industrial products of the region comprised 959,7 billion tenge. Among other things, the volume of production increased by 112,9% compared to the corresponding period of 2015 in processing industry. Construction sector is increased as well. Thus, residential buildings have been put in use in January-October this year with a total area of 460,3 thousand square meters which is by 33,9% more than during the same period of 2015. Ui Kurylys Kombinaty LLP house building factory with annual capacity of 50 thousand square meters of housing has been founded in August this year for further development of building construction. The project was realized within the framework of public and private partnership. Loan interest rate was subsidized for the enterprise under Road Map of Business 2020 Program and missing utilities have been supplied to the same. Askar Mamin got acquainted with the production lines, workflow process of panels and structures production for the building construction, inspected miniatures of free-standing residential buildings according to integrated house-building factory and light steel thin-walled structures technologies and he could evaluate quality of housing which is constructed under Nurly Zhol Program for 2015-2019 when he was visiting Batys-2 microdistrict. Residential complex consisting of 2 and 5-storeyed buildings which have been constructed under HCSBK line includes 238 apartments. Building materials locally produced were used for construction. The delegation also visited new Transport and Logistics Center and Sheber Building Hypermarket. Transport and Logistics center is one of those facilities which will be launched in Aktobe on 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan on 16th of December. Designed capacity of the Center is 15 thousand square meters, 250 people will be provided with jobs. Sales storage area of A class for finished products is provided with railway branch, it is designed to receive and handle up to 70 583 tons of cargo per year. Having inspected the storage facilities and examined prospects of Transport and Logistics Center development, the guests went to the building hypermarket which will open the doors the for first customers on 1st of December. 260 people will work in the hypermarket with an area of 16 thousand square meters. It should be noted that both projects have been obtained with different types of support under the Road Map of Business 2020 State Program.      Retrieved from