Participation of ARBZ LLP in the 12th International Industrial Exhibition “INNOPROM 2022”

From 04 to 07 July, 2022 ARBZ LLP took part in the 12th International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM 2022 in Ekaterinburg, dedicated to the topic: “Industrial Transition: from Challenges to new Opportunities”.

INNOPROM 2022 is one of the largest industrialization exhibitions held in Russia. This year Kazakhstan acted as a partner country of the event, and the area of its exposition was more than 1600 square meters, which housed about 200 domestic companies representing all industries.

The main value of INNOPROM 2022 was to bring together the heads of government and business of both countries on one platform and respond in a timely manner to any changes in global trends.

Confirmation of this can be noted the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Smailov A.A., Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Karabaev M.K. and Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Kuantyrov A.S. and Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mishustin M.V.