20th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo 2014

Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP took active part in the 20th International Industrial exhibition Metal-Expo 2014 within presentation of the Kazakhstani enterprises at the National stand of the Republic of Kazakhstan which was held in Moscow, Russian Federation from November 11th to November 14th, 2014.

The purpose of participation in the exhibition was presentation of products of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP to a more wide range of consumers as well holding business negotiations with interested persons including:

– Companies which are involved in designing and production of metal structures;

– Branch associations and unions, mass media, E–commerce companies;

– Metal traders and warehouse metal trade with products of ferrous metals;

– Enterprises which are engaged in production of the equipment and process for metallurgical industry, the enterprises which are engaged in production of the equipment and process for collecting and processing of scrap from ferrous metals;

– Logistic and forwarding companies.

Promoter of the National stand from the Kazakhstani party was National Export and Investment Agency KAZNEX INVEST JSC.

At the exhibition the leading metallurgical companies, pipe and hardware plants, the enterprises for processing of non-ferrous metals, producers of aluminum alloys, roll stock, profiles and structures, civil engineers, machine engineers, oil and gas engineers, representatives of other branches of real sector of economy participated. 

Three expositions were presented: exhibition of metal products and steel structures for construction industry “MetallStroyForum’2014”, exhibition of the equipment and process for metallurgy and metal working “Metallurgmash’2014” and “Metalltranslogistic’2014” – exhibition of forwarding and logistic services for the enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry.

After end of the exhibition of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP was awarded by the diploma for the highly professional organization in terms of advancement of products and services at the International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo 2014.