Aktobe: Projects of the second five-year industrial plan

In virtue of the Program for Industrial Development developed in accordance with the Concept of Industrial and Innovative Development for 2015-2019 (the second five-year industrial plan), the state and large business in common will be able to elaborate right investment decisions. Private projects will be carried out in the meantime in most favorable conditions and at the same time there will be an opportunity to develop resource and social infrastructure. The Program for Industrial Development comprises of all projects significant for national economy having high extent of elaboration and conforming to certain criteria. On a related note it is currently included only one project from Aktobe in the republican Industrialization Program  – construction of Rail and Section Works (ARBZ). 

Rails of own production

It can be boldly to call ARBZ as the largest innovative enterprise constructed within the Program for Industrial Development. The plant of strategic importance for our republic was presented to the Country’s President during a nationwide teleconference bridge last year.

NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC initiated the project of 76,6 billion tenge cost. 70 percent of a loan in terms of its realization was granted by Development Bank of Kazakhstan. ARBZ was awarded with Altyn Sapa, the special prize of the Head of State, as the Best Industrial Project of 2014 Year.

According to Mr.Marat Ibragimov, ARBZ LLP Process and Quality Director, an unicity of this production involves an application of the most high technologies at hardening process of end products that allows to adapt them for any steel grades. It increases the quality of domestic rail not only several-fold but also results in compliance to all international safety requirements of train traffic.

Thus, owing to implementation of the nationwide project, market condition is cardinally being changed due to rail production. The plant will produce up to 430 thousand tons of high-quality rolled products per year including 200 thousand tons of 120-meter-long rails for high-speed rail networks and also up to 230 thousand tons of sections. ARBZ concluded with NC KTZh JSC, for 10 years, the long-term Contract for supply of rails to the extent of 100 thousand tons.

Floatation agent for AMK (Aktobe Copper Company) 

On August 26 in Akkuduk rural settlement of Khromtau subdistrict, the Akim of Aktobe region Mr.Archimed Mukhambetov took part in presentation of commissioning activities of 1st stage plant on annual production of 25 thousand tons of quicklime. Igdanit LLP took the lead in realization of such investment project previously included in the regional Program for Industrial Development.

As a raw material, it uses limestone of Terensay own field. Production of plant will be used as a floatation reagent at enrichment of copper ores as well as in construction industry. Project cost – 660 million tenge. This year it is planned to produce 12 thousand tons of products amounting to 222 million tenge.   

– The Project is realized within the Import Substitution Program and development of local content – the Head of Region focused attention of media representatives in his statement.

It is supposed that Aktobe Copper Company LLP (AMK) will become the main consumer of products. The memorandum amounting to 1 billion 440 million tenge for a period of five years between Igdanit LLP and AMK is already signed. Agreements and contracts with all suppliers of the equipment are also concluded.

The social effect is obvious: for being moment 60 people are working at the plant. When the enterprise comes to full capacity, 180 workers will be already occupied here.

Within the Business Road Map – 2020 state program, Limited Liability Partnership received the government support in the form of subsidizing of a credit rate at 6,5 interest and construction of infrastructure for the total amount of 379,4 million tenge. At the expense of the State, 1,6 kilometers of power supply lines, 2,4 kilometers of highway and 18 kilometers of gas pipeline are supplied.

In 2017, it is planned to start the second stage of the plant with capacity of 25 thousand tons of production per year and in 2019  – a third one with capacity of 30 thousand tons of quicklime. On the whole, the total capacity of the Lime Plant will come up to 80 thousand tons of products per year.

Yurt in 3D format

In the first half of year the two more projects had been realized – Novo Aldzhansky Flour Mill LLP and Production and Industrial Complex Plant for manufacturing of fastening parts, plastic and         – Caspy Plus LLP.

Output capacity of factory is 12 thousand tons of macaroni products per year. During construction stage, 100 people had been working here and 80 people after start-up. Investments to the amount of 500 million tenge were injected into refurbishment of production complex, completion of finishing works and erection of equipment produced by Italian company PAVAN.   

Production and Industrial Complex Plant Caspy Plus LLP will annually produce 200 thousand pieces of fastening parts, 100 thousand pieces of plastic and 500 thousand units of metal products.

70 people had been involved into construction of production facility, 50 people had been invited for full-time job. Amount of investments comprised 500 million tenge.

Until recently the team of small-scale but closely creative LLP has leased a piece of land in the territory of industrial area. Now it has own two hectares of land.

Caspy Plus gained the character of creative company after participation in regional contest and trade fair “The Best Product of Kazakhstan”. LLP is specialized in production of anchor fasteners and metal working however its Director, Mr.Zhandos Pangereyev did not want to rudely and prosily exhibit the products – fastener parts, metal structures, steel welded mesh for fixation and reinforced concrete structures. That is why he decided to construct yurt using all these materials.     

The most unusual exhibit has stolen the show because from the distance the yurt looked like gold. However, precious metal is nothing comparing with value of idea: the yurt was fabricated according to innovation technology. In such unusual manner, the creative team demonstrated capabilities of 3D machine and own potential.          

Technical assignment for 3D machine had been preparing by Ms.Olga Genrikh, Technical Director. According to her story, specialists had been using the parts of distributed loads as follows – light arch support, distance plates and connecting rods namely all fastening parts which are installed in mine openings.     

Integrated homebuilding factory, balls and processing

In the second half of the year it is planned to realize five projects. Investment amount will comprise 11 258 million tenge and 552 persons will obtain employment.

The first project is construction of integrated homebuilding factory by Ui Kurylys Kombinaty LLP with capacity of 50 thousand m2 of housings per year. There will be no problems with selling market: the project is being realized under government program ”Development of regions up to 2020”.  

The second project is Grinding Ball Production Shop by EnergoAlyans LLP (EvrazMetal Company LLP) with capacity of 3 thousand tons per year. Process equipment which was made in Russia and Belarus is delivered and commissioning activities are in progress. Constrction of auxiliary facilities is completed. Civil and erection works are completed by 95% in total. Letter of Intent for supply of products from Aktobe Copper Company LLP had been signed.  

KazInRuss Trading LLP is constructing small tonnage oil refinery at Temir railway station with capacity of 111,6 thousand tons per year.

Not only industrial projects are realized under the Program for Industrial Development. In particular, agricultural sector has become active. Thus, Ice Plus LLP is fulfilling modernization of own production facalities in order to produce 12 thousand tons of dairy products every year. While Molochnye Istorii LLP is constructing the meat-processing factory with annual capacity of 7,2 thousand tons of meat products.      

– All these projects are characterized with high level of preparedness and conforming to fourteen top-priority sectors of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development No.2. All of them are coordinated with central bodies and Ministries, –  as said Mr.Rakhimzhan Nizamutdinov, Deputy Head of Department of Industrial and Innovative Development in Aktobe region.