Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP is expanding its assortment line of rolled sections.

In parallel with mastering the production of rails for high-speed lines, the Enterprise is actively mastering the assortment of rolled sections. Thus, in February of this year, the Enterprise mastered the production of hot-rolled steel H-beam No. 30. The products meet all the requirements of international standards and are manufactured in accordance with GOST 8239-89, GOST 535-2005.

Mastering of new types of assortment allows not only to fully meet the demand of internal market, but also to increase the export potential of both ARBZ LLP and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole.

The quality of our products has already been confirmed by our customers, from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Belarus.

At the same time the Enterprise does not rest on the achieved and is aimed at further improvement of quality and expansion of the range of products.