Aktobe region export potential has been growing

Aktobe region exported the goods for the amount of $ 964 million to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, as reported by the department for foreign relations of the region according to  24.kz.

Data for 10 months of the last year. The bulk of exports, in particular 96%, has been sent to Russia. These are metals, ferroalloys and rails, which were produced at the local enterprises. In the second group, there are oil, oil products, chrome and copper ore.

This year, the volume of export of the goods as beef, pork, dairy products will increase. Healthy foods of good quality are in high demand in the neighboring country.

It should be noted that the general commodity turnover of Aktobe region amounted to more than $ 4 billion last year. Most of the goods are from China, Japan and Russia.

 “Compared to the same period in 2016 export has grown by 71%. Such results have been achieved due to the enterprises such as Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, Aktobe Rail and Section Works. Existing growth of export is linked to the growth in their production,” Yermek Kenzhekhanuly, Head of the Department for External Relations and Tourism of Aktobe region commented.