On April 21, 2019, the eighth Almaty Marathon took place in the southern capital, which aroused great interest not only among Kazakhstan citizens, but also runners from the other countries. This year, 17 thousand athletes and supporters of an active lifestyle from 53 countries of the world have reached the start of the Almaty Marathon tournament – a record for the entire duration of this charity race.

The popularity of the Almaty Marathon is growing every year. Moreover, only tens of participants compete for prizes and medals. The rest are well aware that they will not climb the podium, and they come to the competitions only to contribute to the noble cause of helping special children.

From Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP, our athlete and colleague – calibrator of the Roll Pass Designing Department Bolatbek Ryskaliyev took an active part. So at a distance of 42 km 195 meters – Bolatbek achieved:

– 90 place in the overall standings;

– 86 place among men;

– 39 place in the age category;

– 38 in the age category among men.

Considering the fact that 17 thousand people participated in the marathon – the results of our colleague B.Ryskaliev are impressive.

Athletes with disabilities, who overcame 10 km in wheelchairs along with simple runners of all ages, young and old, participated in the Almaty Marathon. They are pupils of the Meirimz rehabilitation center, members of the ARDI community and representatives of the National Paralympic Committee.

“Almaty Marathon” is a vivid example of the fact that for kindness and mercy there are no borders.

The organizers of the Almaty Marathon direct the collected funds to charity.