DBK: From 2017 onwards ARBZ intends to produce rails to be in compliance with the requirements of UIC-60 European standard

Public Relations Department of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC informed, “Production of rails of UIC-60 category will allow ARBZ company to make export deliveries to European countries and Arab Emirates.”

Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP (hereinafter – ARBZ) has been put into operation in June, 2016 and its construction was financed by Development Bank of Kazakhstan (subsidiary company of Baiterek Holding). The Project has been implemented under State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2015 – 2019.

As of today, ARBZ company is the only producer of P-65 long (120 m) heat-strengthened railway rails across the territory of Eurasian Economic Union. In order to expand the geography of the products supply to European countries, it is planned to produce rails in 2017 to be in compliance with the requirements of UIC-60 standard.     

Mr. Marat Ibragimov, First Deputy General Director of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP, commented, “Our technology is different in that we use air-and water flows which is considered  to be a very flexible hardening system. For instance, we produce differentially heat-strengthened rails of DT350 category which proves to be the most durable rails today, but we have designs of modifications of more increased hardness, wear-resistance to be utilized under low temperatures and under conditions of the Far North. That means that our technology allows to produce more strengthened rails.”

In addition, starting from 2017 the plant will start production of sections. Generally, after reaching the full designed capacity in 2018 the plant will produce 430 000 tons of rolled products per year including 200 000 tons of heat-strengthened long (up to 120 m) rails for high-speed trunks and 230 000 tons of sections for construction sector.