Meeting was held with the metal trading companies, the enterprises involved in metal working and steel structures with assistance Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region

For more detailed informing related to activity, process, products and production capacities of Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP (further – ARBZ LLP), conclusion of long-term contracts for supply of rolled stock for 2015-2016 as well evaluation of specific amount of metal in Aktobe city and Aktobe region; On January 27th, 2015 with the assistance Chamber of Entrepreneurs of  Aktobe region it was arranged a meeting with the metal trading companies, the enterprises involved in metal working and producing of steel structures.  

The following companies were invited to the meeting:

  • Stalnoy dvor-Zapad LLP (Steel yard – West);
  • Branch of KazPromKomplex LLP in Aktobe;
  • Aktobyubinskiy zavod metallokonstruktsiy LLP;
  • Construction and Procurement Company LIDER LLP;
  • Callisto West LLP;
  • Metallserviz KZ LLP;
  • Aktobyubinskie metallokonstruktsii LLP;
  • AktobeStroyKonstruktsiya LLP;
  • Gigatek LLP;
  • TradeInterCom LLP;
  • Nectar, production company;
  • Golubnichiy A.A. individual entrepreneur;
  • AEMK-Zharyk LLP;
  • Aktobegrazhdanproyekt, production company;
  • Imstalkon-Aktobe LLP, erection company.

Invited companies had been presented with information related to history of plant construction, priority of the project, uniqueness of rail production process, hardening system, achievements, the production program, products mix, dynamics of visible consumption growth of rails and medium sections in the Republic of Kazakhstan, growth of GDP and national economy, etc.

It is worth to note that within the meeting information had been obtained from participating companies with regard to demand for metal stock.

The meeting was fruitful both for ARBZ LLP and the participating companies.