With support from National Export and Investment Agency KAZNEX INVEST JSC,  Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP (further – ARBZ LLP) participated in the 21st International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo’2015 which was held in Moscow from November 10th to November 13th, 2015.

Every year leading metallurgical companies, pipe and metalware plants, non-ferrous metal processing enterprises, producers of aluminum alloys, rolled products, sections and structures, building companies, engineering companies, oil and gas companies and representatives of many other branches of real sector of economy  take part in exhibition. Three expositions which have been presented are as follows: exhibition of steel products and structures for building industry “MetallStroyForum’2015”, exhibition of equipment and technologies for metallurgy and metalworking “MetallurgMash’2015” and exhibition of forwarding and logistic services for the enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry “MetallTransLogistik’2015”.        

Metal-Expo’2015 is a big open venue for direct negotiations with consumers of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, presentations of steel products and plants of new type as well as discussions of the most pressing problems of industry development, construction industry, power engineering, transportation, tendency of metal market.         

Over 560 companies from 32 world countries participated in this exhibition and demonstrated the whole range of ferrous and non-ferrous products, the most state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for metallurgy, metalworking, steel service centers.   

At the same time more than 12 000 people have been working in Metal-Expo’2015:  3000 stand-attendants and about 25-30 thousand of consumers related to ferrous and non-ferrous metals visited an exhibition.

Aim of participation in exhibition was presentation of innovative technology of ARBZ LLP production output for more wide range of consumers and conducting of business negotiations with people who have interest.  

Exposition stand preparation for ARBZ LLP was arranged by National Export and Investment Agency KAZNEX INVEST JSC.

Within the framework of participation in this exhibition, business and subject negotiations had been held with metal trading companies from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Armenia and Kirgizia regarding cooperation and enlargement of commodity turnover in Common Economical and Customs Union.    

Interest to ARBZ LLP products was also expressed by consumers and metal trading companies from such countries as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Estonia, etc.   

Negotiations had been held with representatives of Slovenia, Poland, Tunis and UAE regarding development of export outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States of ARBZ LLP products to be produced in accordance with GOST.

Potential consumers of ARBZ LLP products and also foreign metal trading companies were informed in details about production technology, capacities, advantages of products and negotiations had been held for signing of agreements for ARBZ LLP products supply.