Production of a new type of domestic products started in Aktobe

In Aktobe region the range of manufactured construction materials has been increased.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, a steel angle has been produced here. A relatively new enterprise in the region, the rail and section mill, allows to ensure import substitution in many positions. The product mix of the enterprise includes not only rail products, but also dozens of types of sections.

A new type of domestic products complying with GOST has already been shipped to the local market, and also exported to Russia. The enterprise produced 1,500 tons of the 120th construction angle. A beam and a channel of different sizes are to be mastered next. The range of ARBZ product mix includes 27 profiles and almost the same kinds of sections.

“This product is used in the construction of industrial buildings, in housing construction. Such products were not produced in the territory of Kazakhstan before. This project will ensure import substitution and exporting to the markets of Russia and the countries of Central Asia”, Ivan Lysenko ARBZ Director for Production says.

Currently Aktobe region almost completely provides itself with construction materials. 90% of them are produced by local enterprises. Surplus of materials is sold to neighboring countries. So, dozens of companies from the CIS countries have already become interested in purchasing of the construction angle. But first of all the domestic goods are distributed between main bases of Kazakhstan. Main end sellers of rolled metal products purchase large quantities of local products, which compete well with the imported analogues.

“The quality of our rolled metal products is as good as analogues, just a name of few, the reinforced products, the first “Kazakh” angle produced in ARBZ. People’s recalls of our products are very positive. The almost all quantity that was purchased has been sold. Our products are purchased by big enterprises as well as business owners” according to Samal Simbinov, Representative of Steel and Metal Warehouse.

The economy of the region is simultaneously developing in different areas. The growth of industry is provided by new enterprises, and domestic product 105% growth is forecasted. “The industrial portfolio is changing”, said in the region. With a decrease in oil production, the manufacturing industry in the region is growing.

Kairat Bekenov Deputy Akim of Aktobe region said, “The new enterprises introduced within the framework of State program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan now are delivering a new benefit to the development of our region in figures, in the economy, in the return of taxes. We also see potential of industrial growth in creation of new production enterprises within the framework of conditions created by the government. The Government spent over 5 billion Tenge for investment for an industrial sector and platform for a business. At the present moment 13 companies applied for a new a projects in industrial sector and the total amount of projects is 88 billion Tenge as of today”

The so-called “platform for business” is built up by new plants. More than half of the territory of the industrial sector is already occupied. It is expected that 1700 working places will be created in this sector. Subsequently, at full development, the number of employed people will double.