During the working trip, President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the infrastructural and social and cultural facilities as well as industrial enterprises in Aktobe region.

Aktobe region is taking the second place in the area among the regions of Kazakhstan. The most important production complexes of the country are located on its territory and given special importance in the conditions of the Third Modernization. Today, there is an increase in indices of industrial and social development. For 8 months of this year, the economy grew at least by 4%, the investment volume by 130%. The volume of industrial output increased by 4.9%.

Thirty large enterprises of the region participate in the implementation of the Action Plan for the modernization and retraining of personnel. To date, 10 production facilities have been modernized and by the end of the year this figure will double. The expected effect is a 12% increase in labor productivity, a 3% decrease in the prime cost of production and processing of products. In total, 11.3 thousand working places were created in the region in this year, which made it possible to keep unemployment at 4.8%

“Over the years of independence, the population of Aktobe region has doubled. In order to increase this indicator, entire micro-districts and the necessary infrastructure are built here. All conditions are created. We continue to build houses, roads, supply gas and water. Also, the whole Kazakhstan will be covered by a network of roads. This is the development, including human development,” noted the Head of State addressing to the inhabitants of the region.

The opportunity to see the pace of development of the region on the example of a particular enterprise provided the first point of the working route of the Head of State. Shop No. 4 of the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant of the branch of Kazchrome Transnational Company JSC was opened in 2014 due to the implementation of the strategy of a transnational company to increase the production of high-carbon ferrochromium. We can say that this is one of the leading enterprises of the ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan. Today, four new-generation direct current furnaces operate here with a total capacity of 440,000 tons of high-carbon ferrochrome per year. Demanded products are exported to the PRC, USA, European countries.

Another giant on the industrial map of the region is Aktobe Rail and Section Works – the largest innovative production facility, also commissioned as part of the country’s industrialization program. This enterprise is the only producer in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union of long-length railway heat-strengthened rails of the standard R65.

The production capacity of the enterprise, one of the main consumers of which is National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC, – 430 thousand tons of rolled products per year. The President was demonstrated samples of the products and showed the most difficult technological process of production.

This year the plant, whose products are appreciated in the far and near abroad countries, including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, produced 116.4 thousand tons of rails for the amount of KZT 31.2 bn. All this is the merit of a professional labour collective. Nursultan Nazarbayev, having communicated with workers, wished them fruitful work and achievement of high indicators.

Another important task of the Third Modernization is the development of food production. During the working visit to the region the Head of State visited Greenhouse Kazakhstan, in the construction of which the advanced innovative system Ultra-Clima was used. The President was provided with information on the possibilities of this project for the supply of vegetables for the whole region, as well as for the export of vegetable products to the countries of the near and far abroad.

The productive capacity of the enterprise is 6 thousand tons of vegetables per year. The greenhouse complex was built within the framework of the state program of industrial and innovative development with the support of KazAgroFinance JSC.

The successes of the industrial complex and the agro-industrial complex must reinforce the changes in the sphere of social security. Therefore, a great priority in the state policy is rightfully given to the programs “Nyrly Zher” and “Nurly Jol”. Having familiarized with the progress in the construction of prefabricated low-storey credit dwelling in the Nur Aktobe residential area, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized the special importance of implementing housing programs.

“This program is of great importance in improving the well-being of the people. Our main goal lies in creating necessary infrastructure for comfortable living of citizens and ensure their employment,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

Then, the Head of State spoke with representatives of construction companies involved in the implementation of this project. The President was interested in the features of design solutions, the quality of construction.

According to akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev, this year it is planned to provide housing for more than 1,000 families of the region. 423 low-rise individual houses will be built only in this micro-district in the next two years. The social infrastructure will be supplemented by a school for 1,200 pupils, a kindergarten and a health clinic. Sixty 3-4-storey houses like “townhouse” are built nearby. 22 of them with a total area of 53.3 thousand square meters will be commissioned already this year.

Implementation of large-scale housing programs involves about ten construction companies with 130 enterprises for the production of building materials loaded by 100%. More than 80% of the materials used in the construction of objects are produced by local producers.

In addition, the Head of State inspected the new center of arts built at the expense of the financial resources of JSC CNPC-Aktobemunaigas. This complex has a unique concert hall in the region for 1,200 seats. It will hold mass events and creative concerts. In the meantime, the first guest of the largest concert hall was Nursultan Nazarbayev – the creative teams of the regional philharmonic society came on the stage of the Arts Center.

After that, the Head of State was met at the regional Academy of Creativity. This social object with an area of 13 thousand square meters, was built by TNK Kazchrome JSC, in fact, within the framework of social responsibility of business. The project cost is KZT 1.5 bn. The building meets the latest standards and requirements and it is equipped with the latest equipment.

The Academy has more than 50 coteries for development and creativity, there is an observatory and a planetarium. The creative team willingly shared plans with the President for the implementation of scientific and creative projects for young Kazakh people, at whose disposal – workshops of pottery, television studios, groups of automodelling and aircraft modeling.

In “Zhubanovtar Alemi” memorial house, the Head of State met with the public of the region. Talking with the inhabitants of the region, Nursultan Nazarbayev focused on the specifics of the modernization process, detailed in the program article “Look into the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness”.

“The world is changing rapidly, and we are already among these changes. New sciences are emerging, a new understanding of things is being formed. All the reforms, including the modernization of public consciousness, are being done to prepare our generation for this future,” said the President emphasizing that Aktobe, along with Astana, Almaty and Shymkent should become a source of innovation and a factor of attraction of production, financial and human resources.

It should be noted that the region is actively working on the implementation of the program “Ruhani Zhagyru”. The fellow countrymen-art patrons willingly responded to the call to help the small motherland, make it more beautiful. Within the framework of the “Tugan Zher” project, the 1st republican forum, which gathered more than 300 well-known natives of the region from 21 countries of the world, was recently held in the region. The result of this meeting was the signing of 20 memorandums worth over 76 billion tenge.

Public-private partnership is successfully introduced in the region. With the help of this mechanism as well as on the basis of social responsibility of business, 125 projects worth more than 50 billion tenge are being implemented. Only within the framework of the action “Tugan zherge tagzym!” 555 projects on improvement, construction, reconstruction of social facilities for the amount of KZT 2.8 billion are being implemented in the region.

“Zhubanovtar Alemi” memorial house, by the way – is also one of the major projects built within the framework of public-private partnership. Local entrepreneur Kairat Maitekov allocated 300 million tenge for the erection of this modern building, where the relics of the Zhubanov family will be kept, their autobiographical stands, a musical and patriotic club and groups of children’s and youth music education.