AKTOBE RAIL AND SECTION WORKS LLP took part in the anniversary 135th Rail commission

As of today, the Rail Commission is a significant and recognized event in the metallurgical industry, as the lion’s share of freight traffic is carried out by rail.

In 2019, the 135th anniversary Rail Commission was held in the city of Novokuznetsk.

First of all, the Rail Commission is a platform for discussion of advanced technologies, introduсtion of new products and results oriented correction works, and for large metallurgical companies it is an opportunity to discuss production and quality of products with their consumers, and “compare notes” directly with them.

For three days, scientists and metallurgists from the CIS countries share experience in advanced technologies in the field of production and operation of rail products. The following issues have been raised within the framework of the rail commission: production technology, production and operation, durability and reliability of railway rails, mass production of various manufacturers, as well as the results of research works, made it possible to quickly outline measures to solve emerging problems in the production and operation of rail products.

General questions are raised and specific decisions and recommendations are made at each meeting of the Rail Commission, the implementation of which is carefully monitored.

Based on work of the Rail Commission, it was possible to choose correctly the main directions for improving the quality of rails. In recent years, a transition has been made to more advanced rail steel melting technologies.

It should be noted that one of the important events in the field of rail production is receipt of certificate for the production of 60E1 and 60E2 rail as per European standard by ARBZ LLP, which allowed expanding the geography of sales and entering the European market, as well as the Baltic countries and the Middle East.

The plant’s products have passed all types of tests and are fully comply with safety, quality, technical regulations and international standards.

ТОО «АКТЮБИНСКИЙ РЕЛЬСОБАЛОЧНЫЙ ЗАВОД» принял участие в юбилейной 135-ой «Рельсовой комиссии»